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Xocolatl Easter greeting. small

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Xocolatl products are all handmade in Christiansfeld. The raw materials are carefully selected of the highest quality and intense work is done with each and every chocolate to develop the unique flavors.

- Small Easter greeting with 9 filled chocolate eggs 45 gr., passion almonds 50 gr., hazelnut with nougat 50 gr. - Packed in fabric bag with bow.

The product is gluten-free.

Xocolatl has used chocolate produced under Cocoa Horizons. Cocoa Horizons supports the development of sustainable cocoa cultivation and increase the standard of living of the farmers and their communities.

Price per pcs. for packages of 10 pcs. kr. 129, -

The gift contains:

  • 9 stuffed chocolate eggs
  • Passion almonds
  • Hazelnut with nougat