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Summerbird, Silver egg classic

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Summerbird takes pride in producing high quality chocolates. They also take pride in doing it responsibly with respect for nature and people. Therefore, are all their products organic.

Summerbird's traditional silver egg has for many years been inspired by the Russian court jeweler Carl Fabergé and his most famous works - the iconic Fabergé Easter eggs.

Their 17th design is influenced by Carl Fabergé's jewelery art, but also by the world famous artist Danish Axel Salto and his nature-inspired stoneware works. This year's Silver Egg draws thoughts to Salto's organic forms and Fabergé's ornamental eggs.

This classic Easter egg contains 18 small Easter eggs and is organic.

Price per pcs. for packages of 6 pcs. kr.198, -

The gift includes:

  • Silver Egg
  • Licorice, amber and mint quail eggs 180g