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Ole Chokolade Master eggs 4 pcs

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Handmade - and made with the hand on the heart. The good ingredients are still at the heart of everything Ole Chokolade makes at the chocolate factory in Kolding - Denmark. It all starts with the good ingredients. The chocolate comes from Callebaut - a 100 percent sustainable production.

The marzipan is a genuine 54% Lübeck marzipan, made from the sweetest almonds from Valencia. The almonds contain a lot of oil which gives the real soft marzipan, sweet and round in taste.

Nougat is the sweet, soft treat based on just three pure ingredients: nuts, sugar and water. Made of selected Italian hazelnuts that are roasted hard to get the flavor.

White box with window - 4 pcs. 30 g. Master eggs

The gift includes:

  • 4 pieces. Master eggs