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Lakrids by Johan Bülow Black Box EGG

  • Price: 205.00 DKK

149.00 DKK

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LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is all about the joy of sharing and giving. For any season and any occasion, this Danish confectionery made with love in Copenhagen is the perfect gift when you really want to make someone happy

Choose between two packages:

Box 1: Regular Vanilla Mango ÆGG and Small Crispy Caramel ÆGG

Box 2: Regular Crispy Caramel ÆGG and Small Vanilla Mango ÆGG

Price per pcs. for packages of 8 pcs. kr. 149,-

The gift includes: 

  • 1 pcs. Lakrids by Johan Bülow, Black Box EGG, with 1 regular and 1 small ÆGG

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