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Elmelund Chocolatier gourmet giftbag

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129.00 DKK

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Elmelund Chocolatier Organic is exclusive organic chocolate for those who like quality. The chocolate is organic and made with a focus on sustainability. Elmelund Chocolatier Organic plays with the finest and most exclusive ingredients and allows to be both selective and creative. They do this to give you a very special chocolate experience.

Gourmet giftbag Easter with yellow bow - 1 Chok O block white chocolate and lemon, 1 Chok O block dark chocolate with ginger and 3 kind of marzipan eggs,  raspberries, licorice and pure marzipan.

Price per pcs. for packages of 4 pcs. kr 129, -

The gift includes:

  • 1 Chok O block white chocolate and lemon
  • 1 Chok O block dark chocolate with ginger
  • 3 kind of marzipan eggs, raspberries, licorice and pure marzipan