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Egolader, marzipan eggs/dessert eggs 9 pcs.

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Chocolate you don't want to share with anyone.

Handmade high quality, made according to ancient traditions and recipes that have been used for generations. Egolader develops products and flavors based on the Danish taste, highligthing the marzipan, which is in a class of its own - made of 66% Spanish almonds and coated with the best chocolate from Grenada and Tanzania. Egoladers chocolate has a cocoa content of up to 70% and only use natural colors and flavors in the filling.

Egolader, box with 9 pcs. chocolate. You can choose between - Dessert Eggs, Marzipan Eggs or Marzipan Eggs and Dessert Eggs.

All contain 90-100 g.

The gift includes one of three options:

  • 9 pcs. dessert eggs
  • 9 pcs. marzipan eggs
  • 9 pcs. marzipan eggs / dessert eggs

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